Systems Engineering and Integration

Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) is a disciplined approach for the definition, implementation, integration, and operations of a system (product or service). Emphasis is placed on the satisfaction of stakeholder functional, physical, and operational performance requirements: these include intended use environments, intended life cycle, and cost and schedule constraints. SE&I includes the engineering activities and technical management activities related to the above definition considering the interface relationships across all elements of the system, other systems, or as a part of a larger system.

Network Operations & Analysis

We have proven expertise in administering and managing the computer networks for a number of organizations. As such, River Front Services boasts a staff of network management authorities with the absolute best in network management software and hardware. Our staff also have a wide variety of specialties and experiences, leading to a truly diverse work environment that benefits all of our customers. Additional services performed include fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of network and network devices, maintaining the quality of services, etc.

Implementation Strategies

Implementation is the process that turns strategies and plans into actions in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals. At RFS, we strive to truly grasp the “heartbeat” of the organizations we work with. We use our own information and understanding, along with the identified challenges and strategic goals of client organizations, to propose multiple step-by-step social and technical roadmaps to the desired end state. Critical actions move a strategic plan from a document that sits on the shelf to actions that drive business growth. If critical action is needed, then we are the team you have been looking for.

Enterprise / Systems Engineering

The abilities to capture and depict the overall structure, behavior, and characteristics of system and enterprise architectures through various standard views are critical to gaining solid understandings of capability gaps and overlaps resident in today’s rapidly evolving technological world. Our architects have been trained to decipher these complex problems. They can, by utilizing either a waterfall or agile methodology (along with the understanding of customer roadmaps), hugely shape and increase the developmental efficiency of any organization.

System Test & Evaluation

Like traditional Test and Evaluation (T&E), our engineers are trained to use standardized processes: first, they model a working system to determine its characteristics. Then, they build and initiate effective tests on the system (or systems) under inspection. These tests validate systems down to the component level, utilizing requirements and specifications to assess the progress of the design as it moves toward operational deployment.

Vulnerability & Exploit Analysis

River Front Engineers are focused on preventing the loss of information and impacts on systems that might reduce those systems’ value. Assessments help to define, identify, classify, re-mediate, and mitigate security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure. Our engineers are experts in the use of a variety of tools such as NESSUS, Microsoft Baseline Analyzer, Nipper, RAT, Hailstorm, WebInspect, Retina, and others, to collect and analyze data about systems and make recommendations about the security policies and procedures to protect those systems. We strive to pro-actively protect our customers through knowledge, information, and as much inoculation as possible.

Reverse Engineering

Our engineers are up to date in modern techniques used for analyzing systems to identify their components and interrelationships. We use our ability to decompose system hardware and software functionality to understand purpose, interfaces, operations, and intent. Our engineers at River Front Services are also able to update legacy system software baselines to more efficient code. Let us update your systems and services to give you better maintainability as well as a technological competitive edge in your areas of expertise.

Professional Training Services

River Front Services Inc. is proud to present our new Professional Training Services Department. Jeff Harvey will be the Lead Instructor in the Professional Training Services department. He has worked in the marine, terrestrial and aerospace industries over his 38 year career, 33 years of the time in spacecraft mechanical, power, RF and deployable systems design and analysis. Jeff is a well recognized expert in the deployable structures community (DOD, NASA, and Commercial). Jeff has been a hands-on, working engineer throughout his career and this has resulted in 16 patents and several awards from NASA and the US DoD including both an Astronauts Personal Achievement Award (Silver Snoopy) and a NASA Public Service Medal.